tack coat application calculator

tack coat application calculator

Calculator Tack Coat Emulsion Volume Calculator HG

Tack Coat Emulsion Calculator : 1. Width of : Road : Feet : 2. Length of : Road : Miles : 3. Application : Rate (Example: .10) 4. Total Gallons : Required gallons* *Diluted gallons EVOTHERM Warm Mix A better way to do business. Complete Details : We're extremely proud of the reputation we have earned as the "preferred supplier".

Tack Coat Calculator

Tack Coat Calculator We have set up this tack coat coverage calculator so you can quickly calculate how much tack coat to buy for a specific area with a desired application rate. Change a factor and the calculator will re-figure the quantity to use. If you are on a job

Tack Coat Application Rate

Figure how much you need with our tack calculator The goal is to apply just enough and no more. Too much tack coat and it can bleed through and possibly effect the quality of the hot mix asphalt and too little can prevent adequate bonding of the layers.

Tack Coat Guidelines

The tack coat application rate varies with the condition of the existing surface to which it is applied. In general, a tight or dense surface requires less tack coat than an open textured, raveled, or milled surface. A flushed or bleeding surface requires less tack coat than a dry or

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Foil Method Dry Coat-Weight Calculator. This calculator is designed to aid in the determination of achieved dry coat-weight for waterbase and UV coating products. An analytical balance calibrated to 0.0001 g is required. Results are calculated by inputing foil sample dimensions and measured foil sample weight, with and without dry coating film.

Prime Coat Calculations for IDOT Hildebranski

The specification requirements were expanded, increasing the degree of surface prep, cleaning & application parameters than with former specifications. IDOT made the change in response to research that has shown the expanded role that prime/tack coats play in the longevity of HMA overlays.

Method statement for labour based construction of: Tack coat

The application rate for a tack coat will be specified by the client or his agent based on the condition of the road surface, but will it generally be between 0.5 to 1.0 L/m 2 of diluted product, with the net quantity of bitumen normally not less than 0.3 L/m 2 .

EB 15-031 New York State Department of EI ENGINEERING

Tack coat stored in the distributor tank shall be heated and maintained at a temperature between 85ºF and 160ºF. Hand operated spray units will be permitted only in areas where the use of a distributor is impractical. The Engineer will determine the final acceptance of all equipment used for applying the tack coat. 407-3.02 Application of


Importance of Tack Coats A tack coat is an application of liquid bituminous material to an existing surface to provide a sufficient bond between the surface being paved and the new course. Insufficient tack applications can lead to premature pavement failure.